Clean Energy Websites

Every day, thousands of websites are being created and they are contributing to the emerging threat of Climate Change

At Silverhook, we're doing what we can to help slow down the impact of fossil fuel pollution by using wind turbines to keep our websites running smooth and clean

For each kilowatt/hr a Silverhook website consumes from the grid, we return 3 kilowatt/hrs using wind turbines.

Data-Driven Design

Data-Driven Design

We infuse AI (artificial intelligence) into our web design process to accelerate the design process, lower cost and ensure the website is DIFFERENT than peer websites.


Complete Content

100% Content Ready

Convenient means no racking your brain to come up with content for your website. Our subscription based service pushes unique, thoughtful content right to your website without a hassle.


Hassle-Free Changes

Easy Editing

To edit content on a Silverhook website, you just need to point-and-click where you want to make the change. It's that easy.


Pollution Free

Green Footprint

It takes lots of power plants to provide energy for the more than 650 million websites worldwide. We power all of our websites with wind turbine energy to mitigate the increasing risks of Climate Change.