It pays to have a website with brains

Let us tame the web for you
The internet can be so much work to the point that it's not worth it. Our website system does the maintenance for you based on analytics we provide and permissions you set.
Why rack your brain?
Let us brainstorm for you
Managing content on your website should be efficient and low-touch. Our websites are always plugged in to a process which keeps content fresh and relevant. That's the difference between having a web site and a web SYSTEM.

We provide websites that take care of themselves

Despite what some people think, the internet isn't a beauty contest. To get an edge online, you need beauty AND BRAINS.

Our website solution combines artificial intelligence with a vast content network to prescriptively and affordably launch great websites.

These days, online shoppers dismiss or prioritize a small business based on a simple Google search and its related website results. Our solution analyzes those results and enhances the web design process accordingly.

We call it "RIP" technology, or "Relative Impact Performance". It's web design that takes into consideration the impression of a website in the context of other, nearby competitive websites

It's eye-catching intelligence for eye-catching websites

Data-Driven Design

Data-Driven Design

We infuse AI (artificial intelligence) into our web design process to accelerate the design process, lower cost and ensure the website is DIFFERENT than peer websites.


Complete Content

100% Content Ready

Convenient means no racking your brain to come up with content for your website. Our subscription based service pushes unique, thoughtful content right to your website without a hassle.


Hassle-Free Changes

Easy Editing

To edit content on a Silverhook website, you just need to point-and-click where you want to make the change. It's that easy.


Pollution Free

Green Footprint

It takes lots of power plants to provide energy for the more than 650 million websites worldwide. We power all of our websites with wind turbine energy to mitigate the increasing risks of Climate Change.


Intelligent Websites Come With Genius Hosting Features

free domain
Free Domain Name
We'll register or transfer your domain name free of charge as part of your website package. A $18.95 value.
Unlimited Web Space
Unlimited web space and data transfer
Free Web Protection
We keep your websites secure with custom security rules & zero-day vulnerability fixes. Website up-time 99.9% and free nightly backups just in case.
Award Winning Software
Millions of websites use Joomla software to easily manage their content. We pre-install Joomla so that our customers can launch their website immediately and with a proven, award winning solution.
Google App Integration
Automate your operations and put your forms online with our easy-to-use Google Apps.
World Class Infrastructure
Solid-State Drives, Linux Operating System, Dual Quad Core Frontend Servers, 24x7 Monitoring, Real Time Security Scanning, Built-in PHP Caching and more all designed for fast, reliable websites.